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Welcome to Alternative Ave, a site for Free Herbal Articles,Family Dog Training and pet care articles, ebooks,and other projects.

You'll find Free alternative herbal articles and family dog training and pet care advise posted here to make your live simplier.

I was publishing these articles on a number of websites that paid me to publish with them for you to read. After 5 years of doing that I decided to bring you the articles myself here at Alternative Ave.

Thank you for visiting my site, Alternative Ave. Amber Higgins

Author, Herbalist, Master Pet Groomer, Expert Dog Trainer.

This is where you'll find Free Alternative Living and Herbal Medicine Articles with Information about living more Self Sufficiently.

Recipes for treating Sunburn, Acne, Fleas and Snakes can be treated at home safely with natural alternatives to chemicals.

Here at Alternative Ave you can find out how using healing and herbal cures can save money and peace of mind.

The ingredients are safe for your family and already in your kitchen.

Saving money and making your family safe will make everyday life a little easier.

Every tip and hint found below and in the articles on this site time tested and proven by many years usage by the author, friends and neighbors

These articles are written from personal experience,they are not copied here for you to find.

Some are very common recipes or remedies.

Others unknown and lost in folktales, only to be brought back to life here for your enjoyment

Along with writing about Herbal Medicine and Folklore I enjoy writing about Dogs and Puppies. My pet articles are based on thirty years of professional experience as a

Master groomer, Certified Search Dog Instructor,

Pet Trainer and Breeder of award winning

A.P.B.T, German Shepherd Dogs and Bloodhounds.

You can find free dog training lessons at my website

Family Disaster Dogs provides free online lessons that teach search dog and rescue skills to you so your dog can help your families during a natural disaster, lost child incident,or other emergency.

I hope that everyone will benefit from the 30 years I spent working and learning from dogs.

Thank you for visiting

Be sure and Bookmark us in case you ever need a remedy!!

Always consult a doctor before using any alternative medicine.

This site is for information purposes only.

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Family Disaster Dog Foundation

Train your Family Dog to come to your aid during a disaster.

One of our biggest fears and chores during a disaster is losing or finding a loved one and every dog has the ability to find its family members or friends.

Family Disaster Dog Foundation teaches you how your dog can be your family's very own Search and Rescue Dog.

Free non-profit service.

Family Disaster Dog Foundation

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