Books for Dog Owners

By Amber Higgins

Amber's Books for Puppy and Dog Care.

"Three Decades of Dogs"

Book 1

"Tips and Tricks for Owners "

Teaches Owners

How to Train a Dog or Puppy.

In the comfort of your homes.

In this 1st book in the book series,

You'll Learn How to train your dog to

work as your partner in everyday life.

These are not your usual step by step instructions

that fail to work, in this book you actually learn

How to Read your Dog

How to Understand Your Dog

How to Communicate with your Dog

The tips and tricks for dogs discussed in this book include;

How to Encourage a Dog to do Anything

Housebreaking Tips

How to Tips for Lost Dogs

An old Huntin' Dog Trick

An old Dog Breeder Trick for Finding a Dog

Let's Go Trick

Heatstroke or Hypothermia

What to do when a Pet is Overheating

Come when Called

Stop Bad Behavior

A Trick for Sit

Family Rescue Dog

Flea Trick

Make a Fun Toy

Deciding on the Best Pet

All for only 2.99 on Kindle !!

Three Decades of Dogs; Book 1

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3 Decades of Dogs

dog books


This Book for Dog Owners is by Amber Higgins.

Pictured above is her daughter with

Bloodhound Incredible Sue.

Amber hopes to share her years of hands-on learning with you so that your dog has an enjoyable life which makes you happy and proud to own such a wonderful companion.

Amber wants to share her experience from training show dogs in Hawaii to breeding champion Pit Bulls in Texas to working with and breeding mantrailing Bloodhounds in Arkansas, while grooming in high end pet spas, or managing large commerical or show kennels.

The lessons are hands-on and from a dog's point of view so you can understand how easy it is to get your dog under control or doing everything you ask.

Read about the Author's 30 yrs of Dogs

Read about the Author's 30 yrs with Dogs

Amber's Environmental Awareness Book

A Squirrel Planted an Acorn

By Amber Higgins

A Squirrel Planted an Acorn


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Amber and her Bloodhound Ara-mus on a cold winter's day in the Ozark Mountains. Ara-mus later went to live in Texas along with his half brother George.

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Family Disaster Dog Foundation

Train your Family Dog to come to your aid during a disaster.

One of our biggest fears and chores during a disaster is losing or finding a loved one and every dog has the ability to find its family members or friends.

Family Disaster Dog Foundation teaches you how your dog can be your family's very own Search and Rescue Dog.

Free non-profit service.

Family Disaster Dog Foundation

Amber's Kindle Books

A Squirrel Planted an Acorn

A Squirrel Planted an Acorn

Dog Owner Tips

Three Decades of Dogs Book 1

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