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Amber S. Higgins

Author, Herbalist

K9 Expert,Survivalist

Beautiful Lady and Adventurous Soul

Amber has always loved to write.

When her daughter was young she wrote

a children's fairy tale for her

at Christmas time each year.

These children's tales have been keep

in storage for 20 years and

are coming to this site.

Available Now

is A Squirrel Planted an Acorn,

an environmental awareness story

for all ages.

This environmentally aware tale is for

those who wish for a greener lifestyle.

"A Squirrel Planted an Acorn"

by A. Higgins

Is the story of

American history

for the pass 300 years.

as told by an

Oak Tree.


From Wagon Trains to Native Americans

and Early Settlers to modern Motor Homes

this tale shows the way

time has pasted under a great old tree.


This story has had great reviews and

is intended to have an emotional and

environmental impact on who ever reads it.

Read the Reviews by clicking the link below

Available on Kindle for at a special

price of $ 2.99 download at the link below.

Kindle now offers readers a way to read

books on computers for free!

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from the Author by posting below.

Click link below for "A Squirrel Planted an Acorn"

A Squirrel Planted an Acorn

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"Three Decades with Dogs"

1st in the series of Dog Raising Books

Tips and Tricks from 30 years

of professional work with K9's.

dog training,puppy,sit,come,stay

Expert Dog Advise

Amber's Advice for Puppy and Dog Care.

"Three Decades of Dogs"

1st of the Series

"Tips and Tricks for Owners "

Teaches Owners

How to Train a Dog or Puppy.

In the comfort of your homes.

In this 1st book in the series,

You'll Learn How to train your dog to

work as your partner in everyday life.

These are not your usual step by step instructions

that fail to work, in this how to guide you actually learn

How to get your dog to do Anything !

Click below to get your Kindle copy for

the low digital price of $2.99

Your dog is worth that much ! Come on !

Your sure to learn 3 bucks worth of advise !

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Learn what to buy for Weight Loss

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Coming Soon Amber's

"Natural Beauty Enhancers"

Originally wrote in 1993.

These beauty secrets have been passed around

to family members and friends

who have prompted Amber

to publish it for you.

More Alternative Medicine Information

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A Squirrel Planted an Acorn

A Squirrel Planted an Acorn

Dog Owner Tips

Three Decades of Dogs Book 1

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