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Amber S. Higgins

Author, Herbalist

K9 Expert,Survivalist

Beautiful Lady and Adventurous Soul

2011 Oregon 97439

Welcome to a Glimpse of my world!

Many times in my life others have exclaimed, "What an adventurous life you have led!”

I usually smile slightly, nod and then point out… ”That’s what life is all about.”

Writing Bio

Amber has always loved to write.

In the 1990's, she was a contributing editor and writer for two small town newspapers.

The Ozark Mountain Exchange published her natural healing column weekly for two years while she covered local events as a reporter.

Amber took a break from publishing to finish raising children and dogs while living self sufficiently in a solar powered and green lifestyle where access to the internet world was limited.

Actually the internet was developing during these years away from the publishing world. During this time Amber wrote 3 children books as a gift to her daughter.

The books will soon be available online.

After fifteen years of green living and in 2005, Amber returned to living a modern lifestyle with the idea to share the knowledge and experience gained with others who wish to learn how to be self sufficient and live a more sustainable lifestyle. She returned to college majoring in Communications and Writing.

Along with writing natural health articles based on fifteen years use study, Amber enjoys sharing dog care advice for the family dog and grooming advice for owners and novice groomers based on thirty years experience as a master dog groomer and certified advanced search dog trainer. You can read her dog and puppy articles at the link below.

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The Author's


A.A. in Communication UOP 2011



Staff Writer ▪ Ozark Mountain Exchange Newspaper

Weekly Herbal Columnist,Reporter for local festivals

Covered events,interviewed artists and wrote front page feature articles.


Contributing Editor ▪ Mountain Echo Newspaper

Conducted interviews, wrote local history,bio’s and documentary articles.


Contributing Editor ▪ Veggie Life Magazine

Natural Beauty Articles


Freelance Contributing Writer

How-To articles







Activities that contribute to author's experience

Fire Department Volunteer ▪ Marion County Emergency Management

Wrote and prepared the standard operating procedures for county rescue teams and, dog handler training manuals.

References Available upon request.

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A Squirrel Planted an Acorn

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