Deciding on the Best Pet

Many people find out to late, that they have decided on the wrong pet to add to the household.

Animals who live with people come in all different sizes, personalities and shapes. Some yell and scream the day through hoping they can learn to talk with us while others chase the mailman down trying to get him to come in and visit instead of teasing them by leaving the mail without a word.

Some are furry and the fur stays behind on everything they touch and others swim around in a bowl without a care in the world about you or the household, just as long as you feed them. Which one is for you?

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I have owned an unable to count number of pets in my a child I brought every stray and wounded animal home, to the count of, at one time 24 hamsters, 3 fish tanks,5 parakeetes,3 guinea pigs, 20 cats, a duck, 2 dogs in a deep city court house with a 10 ft wide back yards..It was a zoo!!! I went on to work with pets for over 30 years.

This will help you decide which domestic animal will fit better in your life, a dog, a cat, a bird, a fish, or a small furry fellow from one of the hamster, rabbit or ferret families?

There are many factors that can come into play when deciding which pet is best for you and one way to make an easy choice is to think about which animal would fit into your time, your home and, how active in your life you want the critter to be.

Your time is valuable to your pet as well as yourself. If your new friend does not receive attention and love every single day it will get sick in time, it may take a year but sooner or later without the proper attention and time spend on daily care, pets suffer.

Ask yourself and family members, how much time do you want to spend with this living, breathing pet addition to the household? If there is not much time available to spend giving the pet one on one attention every single day..Get a Fish.

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Or, a few fish.The tank only has to be cleaned every now and then depending on how well it is set up and that will take time too but not everyday time.

Fish take a few seconds to feed and then you can walk away from them and they do not care. If you do many days in a row without extra attention then the fish will begin to suffer and so will your pocket book. A fish tank can fit nicely in any household, adding a touch of beauty and life to your living space

Hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets and those little loveable, snuggle able furry little peoples in fur clothing can bite and many do bite, and many do not bite and make excellent pets for household with less time to spend with them.

These animals do love attention and must have attention on a daily bases or they get sick, they will take more of your time then fish but less then a dog, cat or bird. They have to cleaned, petted, feed and played with daily which takes at least a half an hour.

They can easily be over looked in a busy household and suffer from lack of attention because they do not make as much noise and are not able to demand your attention as cats, dogs and birds.

They are great fun to watch run around the house, many can be litter boxed trained for easy clean up and they make little noise, and fit well in apartments and condos.

I have found that the birds must have more of my time then the cats and that the Dogs demand it the most and all animals and humans must have attention to maintain a healthy life.

Some cats do love to spend time on your lap and with you every minute that they can, other cats are more independent and loners who like a few minutes a day attention then spend their time laying on the window sill in the sun without a care in the world about what you are doing.

I have one of each type of cat. Cats can be easy to care for or complex, depending on how much attention the owner wants to devote to the cat. They can live outdoors and have fun chasing birds and mice, some like that better, or they can live inside and become a very personal member of the family.

Some breeds of birds can be happy without to much human attention and time, like canaries and finches who do well in little flocks in cages, they can add pleasant company to life and beauty to a household. Other birds become a huge part of the family and must have daily attention or they become depressed and sick. It is very important with birds to learn about the breed you are interested in before you get it. Some require as much attention as a child.

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Most importantly, Dogs live their whole life proving to you that they want to be by your side and that is a lot of attention to return.

That is why they are called, "Man's Best Friend". Dogs enjoy walks and doing things out in the yard where people can accompany them. Dogs like people who say "come on, let's go do something".

Dogs are devoted to waiting for you to do something with hopes of joining you. They are waiting at the door when you return, they follow you around the house with a ever ready wiliness to participate and they are in your bed before you at night.

Goodnight Dogs!

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