Bath your Pet like a Pro

This article will tell you

How to Properly

and Gently Bath your Pet

like a Pro !

Your furry friends will love you

for reading this !

If the bathing is made to be relaxing

then your pet will enjoy it

and not fight you if he hates it.

Instead, he'll look forward to it,

making for a healtier,

cleaner pet and happier you.

Difficulty: Easy Instructions

Things you'll need:

Gather these items


you get your animals

ready for the tub.


Cotton balls

2 towels,

medium to large size depending on animal's size

Tissue Paper

Ear Cleaning Liquid

Tearless Shampoo, Natural is Best

Coat Conditioner or Cream Rinse

A collar that does not tighten or choke

Let's go over a few things you'll need before we jump into the tub.

It will be much easier if you gather the items needed before you get your animals ready for the tub.

Place the items near the tub and within hands reach, or you can put them all in a bucket or carry all for easy storage and use.

One or two Cotton balls should be put in the ears before the bath, then afterwards used to clean the ears with a little of Ear Cleaning lotion you can buy at any pet store. A few pieces of tissue paper come in handy.

If you can't find Tearless animal Shampoo, you can use people baby shampoo for the face.

The collar should be loose enough to rinse the shampoo away really well.

Its best to buy a hose attachment that snaps easily on the tub facet so that you can spray the whole body of your pet, getting them clean all over, its much healthier also as any left-on shampoo can cause skin problems.

You can find them available online too. Hook it up in your home tub and your all set up like the pro's with warm water for your pet's bath.

Large dogs can be done outdoors with a hose ran from your washing machine connections so that its a warm water bath instead of the cold outdoor facet bath they often get.

All animals respond much better to a warm water spray, and if your pet hates the tub, maybe its because the water is to cold and isn't comfortable and soothing.

If, the bathing is made to be relaxing then your pet will enjoy it and relax instead of moving around alot and hating a bath.

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