Encourage your Dog to do the Best

You can learn to understand why your dog does some of the things they do then use what you have learned to motivate them to do what you want.

All you have to do is encourage your four legged friend to go along with you and do what you want.

If an animal is misbehaving, then you want to encourage it not to misbehave and direct it to behave how you want.

Do not punish the animal because punishment does not teach them how to do what you ask.

To do this, it helps to know why animals do the things they do.

Once you learn to read what they mean when they are doing it. You can then anticipate the actions of the pup and catch them before they do the deed so they learn not to do it.

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Remember that animals are capable creatures that can do amazing feats without much thought beforehand because it is their nature to do so.

When they are doing something that we do not like, it does not mean it is something that the pup does not like to do.

A puppy may like rolling in the dirt and running into the house to rub all over the sofa and find great joy in doing so until he learns that you do not care for it, the puppy has no idea that it is not fun for you, too.

It helps to learn to love to watch a animal accomplish what it sets out to do.

It captures a moment that resides in all of us.

A moment of accomplishment of though,focus, action and movement in perfect harmony.

It brings into creation the art of being able to put in motion a thought in real life with the joy of the moment, without guilt.

Dog love to please us, they have proven time and time again throughout history that they will do for us anything we ask or need with tail wagging joy and total commitment.

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They learn early on to come to us and ask us to take them for a walk, to feed them and to love them. They know how to get our attention and we've all heard how about how well our dogs train us.

A well trained pet or working animal is actually a partnership built on trust and love with its handler.

Animals that are trained to fear being wrong are not working with their handler as a teammate, as a partner.

They are reacting from fear of punishment and have learned that the handler will scare them, if they do that again.

They have not learned to think of the performance but of the punishment.

Even the slightest punishment puts the dog's attention on what you are doing "to" him and not what he is doing at the moment.

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