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About Amber Higgins

Expert K9 Trainer-Writer

Master Groomer and Champion Breeder

Professional Qualfications

1989 Rea Valley, Arkansas

Made the big move to Arkansas and green living

with 15 Pit Bulls, husband of 10 yrs and

3 children who were then home-schooled.

The U-haul truck was barking

travelling down the highway.

The Pit Bulls retired to grow old

out in the country.

German Shepherds

"Shotgun" and "Nikki"

were our farm dogs who later

produced great grand daughter

"Akelia Brunswick of Warrior Creek Mountain"

Who Certified at Baxter County K9 Seminar

in Tracking and K9 Tactics at 9 months old


Bloodhounds in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas

Redi K9 Services

Wrinkledpups Search and Rescue Bloodhounds.

Top Awards to Rea Valley’s Incredible Sue

owner handled by Amber Higgins

Top Awards to "Blue Ridge Homer"

Retrained and recertified to

Search and Rescue work at 7 years old

"Homer" holds a record of 27 finds in Baxter county Arkansas with Lt Ezra Roberts.

Homer went on a number of searches with us

and retired at 12 years old.

(This Page is dedicated to them)

Amber owned Redi-K9 Services

Specializing in Bloodhounds and German Shepherds.

Active volunteer with

Marion County Emergency Response 911

Certified firefighter 1,2,3 and Wildfire.

Certified Expert K9 Search Handler/Instructor

Baxter County K9 Tactic Seminar

Officer and Founder of local Search K9 Unit

County Rescue Squad member,K9 team leader/instructor

Trained other people with dogs in SAR

Certifications in

Advanced CPR/Rescue Medical Response

Wilderness Survival and Rescue,Cave & Water Rescue

Urban and Rural Search, Swift Water Rescue

Specializing in K9 Tactics

Distinguished Expert level

"Mantrailing/Tracking, Air Scenting"

Amber met with people concerning pets quite oftenduring the week, held fund raisers, promoted Search dogs,wrote standard operating guidelines, did paperwork.

She raised and specialized in Bloodhounds.

Wrinkledpups Bloodhound bloodlines are volunteering in many areas of the USA assisting in the search for missing people with Fire and Police Departments, and volunteers.

Amber retired from Search and Rescue volunteeringafter catching Lyme Disease twice.

Amber's Book of Dog Advice

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Grooming in Mountain Home, Arkansas 1999-2000, 2001-2002 and 2004-2005

Amber worked at Debra's Pet Salon & Resort, all breed grooming at a high volume, high end shop with 2 to 3 groomers doing all breeds and styles. Amber had worked for the first owner twice before and with the new owner 2004-Feb 2005. She enjoyed working here when she was not busy at her home kennel.

Amber worked as a Groomer in Harrison Ark, at Bracken Animal Clinic. Dr. Bracken loved her way with animals, as did, Dr Helvey, another vet she worked for as a groomer.

Moved to Corvallis,Oregon June 2005- Nov 2005

Corvallis Kennels inc. All breed groomer at boarding kennel and home of retired Giant Schnauzer breeder, judge, Westminster winner.

Dec 2005-Nov 2006 Cottage Grove, Oregon

Opened Avion's Pet Spa, which did pretty well 600 clients in a year, considering it was a small town with a established grooming shop. The economy had started to slip and the operating capital to carry Avion’s as it grew disappeared. In an attempt to save the business the spa was sold to a groomer from Eugene, Oregon.

March 2007- Nov 2007

Amber returned to California to help set up Sausalito Pet Hotel Spa on the beautiful San Francisco bay. After a wonderful year of living in beautiful Sausalito setting up the Pet Spa for the new owners, Amber could think of no better place to end her long and extraordinary career with man’s best friend then on the bay under the Golden Gate Bridge.

With a toast of wine to dogs and cats everywhere! Amber and her daughter, who has accompanied her along the way celebrated on a beautiful yacht with a very good friend who had trained the animals for the original Doctor Doolittle Movie!

Roger and Anastasia, Thank you for such great times!

What a grand way to end 3 decades with the pups!

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One of our biggest fears and chores during a disaster is losing or finding a loved one and every dog has the ability to find its family members or friends.

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Family Disaster Dog Foundation

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A Squirrel Planted an Acorn

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