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Author's History

Amber Higgins was raised in the S.F. bay area and her love of animals led to spending most of her life caring for pets professionally.

For over thirty years, she offered pet services in different areas of the country.

This has given her a wide variety of knowledge about different methods of dog handling, grooming, training, animal care and emergency response skills.

Professional Beginning

Honolulu Hawaii,1976-1979 (age 17-20)

Amber’s passion for animals led to Alii Kennels,inc.

A large top winning show/breeding/broading kennel

100 Champion AKC Show Poodles, Lasha Alpso, Italian Greyhounds and German Shepherds.

The kennel operated two Honolulu high volume grooming salons and offered boarding, obedience classes and pups.

Amber was trained by one of the owners in kennel management of 50 to 100 animals.

Along with breeding, whelping, and raising champion AKC puppies and preparing for show by daily grooming to maintained 10 -15 active show animals, mostly poodles.

Amber was also was taught and assisted with obedience classes to public, and eventually conformation handling and training, plus she handled in the show ring and managed kennel when the owners were away.

Thanks to Louis at Alli Kennels for such a great start!

San Francisco Bay Area, 1979-1981 at age 20,

Amber returned to the SF bay area,and worked for about 9 months at Broadway Vet Clinic as Vet assistant to 4 veterinarians.

She handled vaccinations, exams, x-ray, dental, and whelping. She was in care of care of the pets in the infectious diseased pet kennel unit which was the highly quarantined area of the hospital.

Amber has always shown a deep interested in health.

1981 Dallas Texas:

Amber worked at Junes Grooming Salons. June was trained in Burbank, Ca grooming school.

June had very high standards and 2 high volume salons with 2 to 5 groomers. Amber was taught most of her pet styles here.

Amber devoted more of her time to operating T.A.’s Kennels, which was home based.

T.A.’s American Pit Bull Terriers were bred and raised for 5 generations over 10 years by Amber Higgins.

Foundation Bloodlines included direct grandson of

Plumber’s Alligator, and line bred Colby-Heinzel

American Pit Bull Terriers plus Hammonds and Sorrel bloodlines.

Secretary Southwest Pit Bull Assocation Dallas Tx 1984

Awards included Top Weight Pulling APBA

by "T.A.’s Warlock"

Best in Show

by "T.A.’s Sally" and "T.A.’s Snatch"

Puppy class winners

Stories about T.A.’s will eventually be posted by Amber for your enjoyment.

Amber was one of two trainers licensed to train dogs in Dallas City Parks.

Amber groomed and cared for the founding president of the Papillion Club of America.

Retired show breeder/judge, Irvine Cromwell, who was in her 80’s at the time and lived with 75 adult Champion Papillons and 1 Champion King Charles Spaniel.

Irvine Cromwell was a remarkable woman who owned the first two Papillion to be imported to this country about 70-80 yrs ago. Irvine remained very active in the breed all of her life.


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Special Thanks to Tom Higgins

for putting up with 30 Pit Bulls!

Special Thanks to all who supported Amber's journey!


Ruby and Gucci featured in Photo

Photo copyright Amber Higgins 2007

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