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Pet Heatstroke

Frostbite or Hypothermia

This article will explain to you

How to tell if your pet is having a Heatstroke

or suffering from being to cold in the winter.

When an animal's body temperature is to cold

then they can suffer from Hypothermia and if

they become to hot they can have a Heatstroke.

Both of these conditions can be avoided

and if not,

can lead to death.

In the article below the step are laid out so that you can check your animals to make sure they are not having a reaction to extreme weather.

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When the weather is chilly and icy out we often wonder if our outdoor pets are cold.

While it is true that dogs and cats have fur coats that insulate them from extreme weather they can still become stressed and unhealthy due to the weather.

Older and younger animals especially are prone to stress during extreme weather. The amount of cold or heat an animal can take depends on the animals comfort zone due to the environment they live in.

Follow the instructions below to check vital signs.

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The steps below will work to check your dog or cat to see if the body temperature is chilled or overheating.

Once you have determined if your 4 legged friend is chilled or overheated in the summer then you can adjust the environment to make your pet more comfortable.


First feel your animals' ears and see if they feel abnormally warm or cold. The ear is a good indicator of the animals body temperature.


Next place your hand between the leg and body at the arm pit or leg pit in the case of our four legged friends.

This is the best place to get an accurate reading of the animal's body temperature. To hot or to cold will tell you if the animal is overheated or to cold.


The third place to check is the stomach by placing your palm against the animals belly. If the animal is overheating the skin will be hot to touch and the same is true if they are to cold.


By checking all three areas you can come to a conclusion on the condition of the temperature of your pet's body.

Additional Info:

These steps can be helpful with newborn animals so you can tell if they are healthy and thriving.

These steps are helpful with sick and injured animals too to make sure they are not going into shock.

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